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About Our Boats

Ron Radon Sr. started Radon Boats in Santa Barbara, California in 1969.

    It had become apparent to Ron Sr. after diving commercially for Abalone off the California coast for several years, that there was a deep need for a boat that  could handle heavy loads at good speeds through the rough coastal waters, especially the waters between Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands.

Ron Radon Boats    During his first years of commercial diving, Ron Sr. after selling his own boat, would design and build a new dive boat for himself every year, improving the Photos design.  After the first few years the other divers were taking notice of the outstanding performance of these new boats and were asking Ron Sr. if he could build more boats each year. Since the season for commercial Abalone harvest had a two month break each year that didn't allow much time for new boat construction. In 1969 the demand for the new boats was so strong that Ron Sr. and wife Velma decided it would be smart to start the new boat building and marine hardware business under the name Radon Boats at 36 Santa Barbara St. Santa Barbara, California. In the very beginning, Ron & Velma recognized that they would need help and ask their three sons for help in the new business.  Mike, Don and Ron Jr. loved the idea of working for their parents in the new business. Mike being a commercial diver himself, soon went back to diving. Don & Ron Jr. would go to school in the mornings and to work for their parents in the afternoons and on many weekends.

    Ron Jr. loved building boats from the very beginning and one day when Ron Sr. was busy with a customer and it was time to start a new boat, Ron Sr. told Ron Jr. that it was time for him to get it started on his own.

    That day was the day that Ron Jr. age 17 began his journey to build a better boat than any one before. To this day Ron Jr. believes in improving with every boat built.

    Ron Radon Jr. started his first boat building business in Santa Barbara, California in 1976 at the age of 23. After a few years, Ron sold the business and began a new business doing modifications and reconstructions on some of the older Radon boats as well as a few new boats. It was during these years that Ron learned the design and construction techniques that pushed Ron Radon Jr. Custom Boats LLC to be known as one of the best.

    In 1987 after a divorce, Ron needed to move to Myrtle Creek, Oregon to be close to his children. After making his final decision to move and finishing all jobs that were in progress, Ron talked to all the people who were in contact about future work. All decided to send or bring their projects to Oregon for the work.

A true testament to the character and craftsmanship that Ron brings to his work every day.

    Since 1976 Ron Radon Jr. has been receiving orders from around the world and building top quality custom boats for both commercial and pleasure diving and fishing. For the past 24 years, Ron has been building the boats out of his shop in Myrtle Creek, Oregon. Ron Radon Jr. Custom Boats LLC is the only Radon designed boats being built personally by hand by one of the original Radon family.

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